End-of-Life (EoL)

Virtual Dedicated Log Collector on ESXi

Procedure for deploying a virtual Dedicated Log Collector on ESXi.
Panorama continues to expand supported virtual environments to help reduce your physical footprint by giving you more flexibility in deploying your Palo Alto Networks management and log collection services along side other application you have deployed on the ESXi hypervisor. The Panorama virtual appliance deployed as a Dedicated Log Collector on ESXi supports all deployment modes share the same processes and functionality as their M-Series counterparts. For more information, see Set Up the M-Series Appliance as a Dedicated  Log  Collector.
  1. Switch from Panorama mode to Log Collector mode on each Panorama virtual appliance to set up a Dedicated Log Collector.
  2. Record the serial number of the Log Collector. You will need the serial number to add the Log Collector as a managed collector.
  3. Add the Log Collector as a managed collector on the Panorama management server.
  4. Enable the logging disks.

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