WildFire Features

Describes all the exciting new capabilities for WildFire® in PAN-OS® 8.1.
New WildFire Feature
Static Analysis Detection Enhancements
The WildFire® appliance static analysis environment now includes improved malware detection logic that is delivered through content releases. Previously, updates to the WildFire appliance detection engines were limited to PAN-OS® software releases. This feature enables the WildFire appliance to enhance the accuracy of threat detection by providing regular scheduled updates that can be installed to combat zero day threats.
Download and install the latest content updates daily to stay up-to-date with the static analysis enhancements.
WildFire Forwarding Support for Linux and Archive Files
You can now configure the Palo Alto Networks firewall to automatically forward archive (RAR and 7-Zip) and Linux (ELF) file types for WildFire analysis.
Encrypted Appliance-to-Appliance Communications
You can now enable encryption in WildFire appliance clusters to maintain the confidentiality of transmitted content, including user samples. This feature allows you to configure custom and predefined client/server certificates so that appliances can establish encrypted appliance-to-appliance communication. Additionally, WildFire appliances in a cluster are now supported in FIPS-CC compliant mode when you configure this feature using FIPS-CC compliant certificates.

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