End-of-Life (EoL)

Hardware Security Module Provider Configuration and Status

The Hardware Security Module Provider section shows the HSM configuration settings and the connectivity status of the HSM.
Hardware Security Module Provider Status
Provider Configured
Select the HSM vendor configured on the firewall:
  • None
  • SafeNet Network HSM
  • nCipher nShield Connect
High Availability
SafeNet Network only
) HSM high availability is configured if checked.
High Availability Group Name
SafeNet Network only
) The group name configured on the firewall for HSM high availability.
Firewall Source Address
The address of the port used for the HSM service. By default this is the management port address. It can be specified as a different port however through the Services Route Configuration in
Master Key Secured by HSM
If checked, the master key is secured on the HSM.
Shows green if the firewall is connected and authenticated to the HSM and shows red if the firewall is not authenticated or if network connectivity to the HSM is down.
You can also Hardware Security Module Status for more details on the HSM connection.

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