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DHCP Relay

  • Network > DHCP > DHCP Relay
Before configuring a firewall interface as a DHCP relayagent, make sure you have configured a Layer 3 Ethernet or Layer 3 VLAN interface and that you assigned the interface to a virtual router and a zone. You want that interface to be able to pass DHCP messages between clients and servers. Each interface can forward messages to a maximum of eight external IPv4 DHCP servers and eight external IPv6 DHCP servers. A client sends a DHCPDISCOVER message to all configured servers, and the firewall relays the DHCPOFFER message of the first server that responds back to the requesting client.
DHCP Relay Settings
Name of the interface that will be the DHCP relay agent.
IPv4 / IPv6
Select the type of DHCP server and IP address you will specify.
DHCP Server IP Address
Enter the IP address of the DHCP server to and from which you will relay DHCP messages.
If you selected IPv6 as the IP address protocol for the DHCP server and specified a multicast address, you must also specify an outgoing interface.

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