End-of-Life (EoL)

PA-7000 Series Layer 2 Subinterface

  • Network > Interfaces > Ethernet
For each Ethernet port configured as a physical Layer 2 interface, you can define an additional logical Layer 2 interface (subinterface) for each VLAN tag assigned to the traffic that the port receives. To enable switching between Layer 2 subinterfaces, assign the same VLAN object to the subinterfaces.
To configure a PA-7000 Series Layer 2 Interface, select the row of that physical Interface, click
Add Subinterface
, and specify the following information.
Layer 2 Subinterface Settings
Interface Name
The read-only Interface Name displays the name of the physical interface you selected. In the adjacent field, enter a numeric suffix (1-9,999) to identify the subinterface.
Enter an optional description for the subinterface.
Enter the VLAN tag (1-4,094) for the subinterface.
Netflow Profile
If you want to export unidirectional IP traffic that traverses an ingress subinterface to a NetFlow server, select the server profile or click
Netflow Profile
to define a new profile (see Device > Server Profiles > NetFlow). Select
to remove the current NetFlow server assignment from the subinterface.
To enable switching between Layer 2 interfaces or to enable routing through a VLAN interface, select a VLAN, or click
to define a new VLAN (see Network > VLANs). Select
to remove the current VLAN assignment from the subinterface.
Virtual System
If the firewall supports multiple virtual systems and that capability is enabled, select a virtual system (vsys) for the subinterface or click
Virtual System
to define a new vsys.
Security Zone
Select a security zone for the subinterface or click
to define a new zone. Select
to remove the current zone assignment from the subinterface.

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