End-of-Life (EoL)

BGP General Tab

  • Network > Virtual Router > BGP > General
Use the following fields to configure general BGP settings.
BGP General Settings
Configure In
Reject Default Route
Select to ignore any default routes that are advertised by BGP peers.
Install Route
Select to install BGP routes in the global routing table.
Aggregate MED
Select to enable route aggregation even when routes have different Multi-Exit Discriminator (MED) values.
Default Local Preference
Specifies a value that the firewall can use to determine preferences among different paths.
AS Format
Select the 2-byte (default) or 4-byte format. This setting is configurable for interoperability purposes.
Always Compare MED
Enable MED comparison for paths from neighbors in different autonomous systems.
Deterministic MED Comparison
Enable MED comparison to choose between routes that are advertised by iBGP peers (BGP peers in the same autonomous system).
Auth Profiles
a new auth profile and configure the following settings:
  • Profile Name
    —Enter a name to identify the profile.
  • Secret/Confirm Secret
    —Enter and confirm a passphrase for BGP peer communications.
Delete ( ) profiles when you no longer need them.

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