Display Software and Content Update Information

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Select PanoramaDevice DeploymentSoftware to display PAN-OS Software, GlobalProtect Client software, and Dynamic Updates (content) that are currently installed or available for download and installation. The Dynamic Updates page organizes the information by content type (Antivirus, Applications and Threats, URL Filtering, and WildFire) and indicates the date and time of the last check for updated information. To display the latest software or content information from Palo Alto Networks, click Check Now.
Software and Content Update Information
The software or content update version.
File Name
The name of the update file.
The designated firewall or Log Collector model for the update. A number indicates a hardware firewall model (for example, 7000 indicates the PA-7000 Series firewall), vm indicates the VM-Series firewall, and m indicates the M-Series appliance.
(Content only) Lists the type of signatures the content version might include.
(Content only) Indicates whether the download includes a full database update or an incremental update.
The size of the update file.
Release Date
The date and time when Palo Alto Networks made the update available.
(PAN-OS or Panorama software only) Indicates that the update is downloaded or uploaded.
(SSL VPN Client software, GlobalProtect Client software, or content only) A check mark indicates that the update is downloaded.
Indicates the action you can perform on the update: Download, Upgrade, Install or Activate.
(Content only) Provides a link to the release notes for the desired content release.
Release Notes
(Software only) Provides a link to the release notes for the desired software release.
Deletes an update when no longer needed or when you want to free up space for more downloads or uploads.

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