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To map usernames to IP addresses, User-ID agents monitor various sources, such as directory servers. The agents send the user mappings to firewalls, Log Collectors, or Panorama and each of these appliances can then serve as redistribution points that forward the mappings to other firewalls, Log Collectors, or Panorama. For a firewall (DeviceUser IdentificationUser-ID Agents) or Panorama (PanoramaUser Identification) to collect user mappings, you must configure its connections to the User-ID agents or redistribution points.
To configure Dedicated Log Collectors to connect to User-ID agents or redistribution points, define User-ID Agent Settings. You cannot configure local Log Collectors to connect to User-ID agents or redistribution points.
Although you can configure a Log Collector or Panorama to redistribute user mappings, these devices cannot map IP addresses to usernames. Only Windows-based User-ID agents and PAN-OS integrated User-ID agents can perform user mapping.
The complete procedure to configure user mapping TechDocs_logo_cropped.png requires additional tasks besides configuring connections to User-ID agents.

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