Manage Access to Monitored Servers

Perform the following tasks in the Server Monitoring section to manage access to the servers that the User-ID agent monitors for user mapping information.
Display server information
For each monitored server, the User Mapping page displays the Status of the connection from the User-ID agent to the server. After you Add a server, the firewall tries to connect to it. If the connection attempt is successful, the Server Monitoring section displays Connected in the Status column. If the firewall cannot connect, the Status column displays an error condition, such as Connection refused or Connection timeout.
For details on the other fields that the Server Monitoring section displays, see Configure Access to Monitored Servers.
To Configure Access to Monitored Servers, Add each server that the User-ID agent will monitor for user mapping information.
To remove a server from the user mapping process (discovery), select the server and Delete it.
Tip: To remove a server from discovery without deleting its configuration, edit the server entry and clear Enabled.
You can automatically Discover Microsoft Active Directory domain controllers using DNS. The firewall will discover domain controllers based on the domain name entered in the DeviceSetupManagement page, General Settings section, Domain field. After discovering a domain controller, the firewall creates an entry for it in the Server Monitoring list; you can then enable the server for monitoring.
The Discover feature works for domain controllers only, not Exchange servers or eDirectory servers.

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