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Features Introduced in TS Agent 8.1

New features introduced in the Terminal Services (TS) agent 8.1 release.
No new features introduced for the TS agent since the TS agent 8.1.1 release.
For new User-ID™ features in the PAN-OS® 8.1 release, see the PAN-OS 8.1 Release Notes.

Features Introduced in TS Agent 8.1.1

The following feature is introduced in TS agent 8.1.1.
New Feature
Windows Server 2016
You can now install the TS agent on terminal servers that run the Windows 2016 operating system.

Features Introduced in TS Agent 8.1.0

The TS agent 8.1.0 release has no new features. TS agent 8.1.0 was created to keep release numbering in sync with the User-ID™ agent.

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