Create an Application Filter

An application filter is an object that dynamically groups applications based on application attributes that you define, including category, subcategory, technology, risk factor, and characteristic. This is useful when you want to safely enable access to applications that you do not explicitly sanction, but that you want users to be able to access. For example, you may want to enable employees to choose their own office programs (such as Evernote, Google Docs, or Microsoft Office 365) for business use. To safely enable these types of applications, you could create an application filter that matches on the Category
and the Subcategory
. As new applications office programs emerge and new App-IDs get created, these new applications will automatically match the filter you defined; you will not have to make any additional changes to your policy rulebase to safely enable any application that matches the attributes you defined for the filter.
  1. Select
    Application Filters
  2. Add
    a filter and give it a descriptive
  3. (
    ) Select
    to create the object in a shared location for access as a shared object in Panorama or for use across all virtual systems in a multiple virtual system firewall.
  4. Define the filter by selecting attribute values from the Category, Subcategory, Technology, Risk, and Characteristic sections. As you select values, notice that the list of matching applications at the bottom of the dialog narrows. When you have adjusted the filter attributes to match the types of applications you want to safely enable, click
  5. Commit
    the configuration.

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