Configure Banners, Message of the Day, and Logos

A login banner is optional text that you can add to the login page so that administrators will see information they must know before they log in. For example, you could add a message to notify users of restrictions on unauthorized use of the firewall.
You can add colored bands that highlight overlaid text across the top (header banner) and bottom (footer banner) of the web interface to ensure administrators see critical information, such as the classification level for firewall administration.
A message of the day dialog automatically displays after you log in. The dialog displays messages that Palo Alto Networks embeds to highlight important information associated with a software or content release. You can also add one custom message to ensure administrators see information, such as an impending system restart, that might affect their tasks.
You can replace the default logos that appear on the login page and in the header of the web interface with the logos of your organization.
  1. Configure the login banner.
    1. Select DeviceSetupManagement and edit the General Settings.
    2. Enter the Login Banner (up to 3,200 characters).
    3. (Optional) Select Force Admins to Acknowledge Login Banner to force administrators to select an I Accept and Acknowledge the Statement Below check box above the banner text to activate the Login button.
    4. Click OK.
  2. Set the message of the day.
    1. Select DeviceSetupManagement and edit the Banners and Messages settings.
    2. Enable the Message of the Day.
    3. Enter the Message of the Day (up to 3,200 characters).
      After you enter the message and click OK, administrators who subsequently log in, and active administrators who refresh their browsers, see the new or updated message immediately; a commit isn’t necessary. This enables you to inform other administrators of an impending commit that might affect their configuration changes. Based on the commit time that your message specifies, the administrators can then decide whether to complete, save, or undo their changes.
    4. (Optional) Select Allow Do Not Display Again (default is disabled) to give administrators the option to suppress a message of the day after the first login session. Each administrator can suppress messages only for his or her own login sessions. In the message of the day dialog, each message will have its own suppression option.
    5. (Optional) Enter a header Title for the message of the day dialog (default is Messageof the Day).
  3. Configure the header and footer banners.
    A bright background color and contrasting text color can increase the likelihood that administrators will notice and read a banner. You can also use colors that correspond to classification levels in your organization.
    1. Enter the Header Banner (up to 3,200 characters).
    2. (Optional) Clear Same Banner Header and Footer (enabled by default) to use different header and footer banners.
    3. Enter the Footer Banner (up to 3,200 characters) if the header and footer banners differ.
    4. Click OK.
  4. Replace the logos on the login page and in the header.
    The maximum size for any logo image is 128KB. The supported file types are png, gif, and jpg. The firewall does not support image files that are interlaced or that contain alpha channels.
    1. Select DeviceSetupOperations and click Custom Logos in the Miscellaneous section.
    2. Perform the following steps for both the Login Screen logo and the Main UI (header) logo:
      1. Click upload icon_logo_upload.png .
      2. Select a logo image and click Open.
        You can preview the image to see how PAN-OS will crop it to fit by clicking the magnifying glass icon.
      3. Click Close.
    3. Commit your changes.
  5. Verify that the banners, message of the day, and logos display as expected.
    1. Log out to return to the login page, which displays the new logos you selected.
    2. Enter your login credentials, review the banner, select I Accept and Acknowledge the Statement Below to enable the Login button, and then Login.
      A dialog displays the message of the day. Messages that Palo Alto Networks embedded display on separate pages in the same dialog. To navigate the pages, click the right or left arrows along the sides of the dialog or click a page selector icon_mod_nav_bottom.png at the bottom of the dialog.
    3. (Optional) You can select Do not show again for the message you configured and for any messages that Palo Alto Networks embedded.
    4. Close the message of the day dialog to access the web interface.
      Header and footer banners display in every web interface page with the text and colors that you configured. The new logo you selected for the web interface displays below the header banner.

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