Export Configuration Table Data

Export table data from your Panorama™ or firewall configurations in either PDF or CSV format to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations or audits
Export policy rules, configuration objects, and IPS signatures from Panorama™ and firewalls to demonstrate regulatory compliance to external auditors, to conduct periodic reviews of the firewall configuration, and to generate reports on firewall policies. This prevents you from having to give auditors direct access to your firewalls and appliances, to take screen shots or to access the XML API to generate configuration reports. From the web interface, you can export the configuration table data for policies, objects, network, firewall, and Panorama configurations, as well as Signature exceptions in the Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, and Vulnerability Protection Security profiles, in either a PDF or CSV file.
Configuration table export works like a print function—you cannot import generated files back into Panorama or the firewall. When you export data as a PDF file and the table data exceeds 50,000 rows, the data is split in to multiple PDF files (for example, <report-name>_part1.pdf and <report-name>_part2.pdf) When you export data as a CSV file, the data is exported as a single file. These export formats allow you to apply filters that match your report criteria and search within PDF reports to quickly find specific data. Additionally, when you export the configuration table data, a system log is generated to record the event.
  1. Launch the Web Interface and identify the configuration data you need to export.
  2. Apply filters as needed to produce the configuration data you need to export and click
  3. Configure the Configuration Table Export report:
    1. Enter a
      File Name
    2. Select the
      File Type
    3. (
      ) Enter a report Description.
    4. Confirm the configuration table data matches the filters you applied.
      Show All Columns
      to show all filters applied.
  4. Export
    the configuration table data.
    Configuration table export works like a print function—you cannot import generated files back in to Panorama or the firewall.
  5. Select a location to save the exported file.

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