NetFlow Monitoring

NetFlow is an industry-standard protocol that the firewall can use to export statistics about the IP traffic ingressing its interfaces. The firewall exports the statistics as NetFlow fields to a NetFlow collector. The NetFlow collector is a server you use to analyze network traffic for security, administration, accounting and troubleshooting. All Palo Alto Networks firewalls support NetFlow Version 9. The firewalls support only unidirectional NetFlow, not bidirectional. The firewalls perform NetFlow processing on all IP packets on the interfaces and do not support sampled NetFlow. You can export NetFlow records for Layer 3, Layer 2, virtual wire, tap, VLAN, loopback, and tunnel interfaces. For aggregate Ethernet sub-interfaces, you can export records for the individual sub-interfaces that data flows through within the group. To identify firewall interfaces in a NetFlow collector, see Firewall Interface Identifiers in SNMP Managers and NetFlow Collectors. The firewalls support standard and enterprise (PAN-OS specific) NetFlow Templates, which NetFlow collectors use to decipher the NetFlow fields.

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