Multiple Values for a DHCP Option

You can enter multiple option values for an Option Code with the same Option Name, but all values for a particular code and name combination must be the same type (IP address, ASCII, or hexadecimal). If one type is inherited or entered, and later a different type is entered for the same code and name combination, the second type will overwrite the first type.
You can enter an Option Code more than once by using a different Option Name. In this case, the Option Type for the Option Code can differ among the multiple option names. For example, if option Coastal Server (option code 6) is configured with IP address type, option Server XYZ (option code 6) with ASCII type is also allowed.
The firewall sends multiple values for an option (strung together) to a client in order from top to bottom. Therefore, when entering multiple values for an option, enter the values in the order of preference, or else move the options to achieve your preferred order in the list. The order of options in the firewall configuration determines the order that the options appear in DHCPOFFER and DHCPACK messages.
You can enter an option code that already exists as a predefined option code, and the customized option code will override the predefined DHCP option; the firewall issues a warning.

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