Modify the Oversubscription Rate for DIPP NAT

If you have enough public IP addresses that you do not need to use DIPP NAT oversubscription, you can reduce the oversubscription rate and thereby gain more DIP and DIPP NAT rules allowed.
  1. View the DIPP NAT oversubscription rate.
    1. Select DeviceSetupSessionSession Settings. View the NAT Oversubscription Rate setting.
  2. Set the DIPP NAT oversubscription rate.
    1. Edit the Session Settings section.
    2. In the NAT Oversubscription Rate list, select 1x, 2x, 4x, or 8x, depending on which ratio you want.
      The Platform Default setting applies the default oversubscription setting for the model. If you want no oversubscription, select 1x.
    3. Click OK and Commit the change.

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