Create a Security Profile Group

Use the following steps to create a security profile group and add it to a security policy.
  1. Create a security profile group.
    If you name the group default, the firewall will automatically attach it to any new rules you create. This is a time saver if you have a preferred set of security profiles that you want to make sure get attached to every new rule.
    1. Select ObjectsSecurity Profile Groups and Add a new security profile group.
    2. Give the profile group a descriptive Name, for example, Threats.
    3. If the firewall is in Multiple Virtual System Mode, enable the profile to be Shared by all virtual systems.
    4. Add existing profiles to the group.
    5. Click OK to save the profile group.
  2. Add a security profile group to a security policy.
    1. Select PoliciesSecurity and Add or modify a security policy rule.
    2. Select the Actions tab.
    3. In the Profile Setting section, select Group for the Profile Type.
    4. In the Group Profile drop-down, select the group you created (for example, select the best-practice group):
    5. Click OK to save the policy and Commit your changes.
  3. Save your changes.
    Click Commit.

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