Configure User Mapping Using the Windows User-ID Agent

In most cases, the majority of your network users will have logins to your monitored domain services. For these users, the Palo Alto Networks User-ID agent monitors the servers for login events and performs the IP address to username mapping. The way you configure the User-ID agent depends on the size of your environment and the location of your domain servers. As a best practice, locate your User-ID agents near the servers it will monitor (that is, the monitored servers and the Windows User-ID agent should not be across a WAN link from each other). This is because most of the traffic for user mapping occurs between the agent and the monitored server, with only a small amount of traffic—the delta of user mappings since the last update—from the agent to the firewall.
The following topics describe how to install and configure the User-ID Agent and how to configure the firewall to retrieve user mapping information from the agent:

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