End-of-Life (EoL)

Support for New Predefined Data Filtering Patterns

To enable compliance for standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the firewall now supports 19 new predefined data filtering patterns that help prevent the loss of sensitive information and records. These new patterns also support checksum validation algorithms to ensure that data patterns are matched correctly and help significantly reduce the possibility of false positives. The new data filtering patterns included in PAN-OS 9.0.0 are:
  • ABA Routing Number—The American Banking Association Routing Number.
  • CUSIP Identification Number—Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures Identification Number
  • DEA Registration Number—U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Registration Number
  • INSEE Identification Number—French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies identification number
  • Codice Fiscale Identification Number—Italian Fiscal Tax Code Card Identification Number
  • DNI Identification Number—Spanish Documento nacional de identidad Identification Number number
  • NIF Identification Number—Spanish Tax Identification Number
  • AHV Identification Number—Swiss Alters und Hinterlassenenversicherungsnummer
  • NHI Identification Number—New Zealand National Health Index Number
  • IRD Identification Number—New Zealand Internal Revenue Department Identification Number
  • MyNumber Identification Number—Japanese Social Security and Tax Number System Identification Number
  • CorporateNumber Identification Number—Japanese National Tax Agency Corporate Number
  • PRC Identification Number—People's Republic of China Resident Identification Number
  • HK Identification Number—Hong Kong Residents Identification Number
  • Permanent Account Identification Number—India Permanent Account Number of Indian nationals.
  • PRN Identification Number—Republic of South Korea Resident Registration Number
  • NRIC Identification Number—Singapore National Registration Identity Card Identification Number
  • MyKad Identification Number—Malaysia MyKad Identity Card Identification Number
  • RRN Identification Number—Republic of South Korea Resident Registration Number
  • NIN Identification Number—Taiwan Identification Card Number
  1. Define a new data pattern object to detect the information you want to filter.
    1. Select
      Custom Objects
      Data Patterns
      a new object.
    2. Provide a descriptive
      for the new object.
    3. Set the
      Pattern Type
      Predefined Pattern
      a new rule to the data pattern object.
    4. Select the data patterns that you want to monitor on your network, specify the file types in which to look for these patterns, and
      to save the data pattern.
      By default, the firewall matches the patterns against all the supported file types.
  2. See Set up data filtering to add the data pattern object to a data filtering profile, and use the settings to inspect traffic on your network.

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