End-of-Life (EoL)

PAN-OS REST API for a Simplified Integration Experience

PAN-OS and Panorama 9.0 support a REST API interface for managing policies and objects.
The new PAN-OS REST API allows you to access the Policy and Network resources on the firewall as top-level URIs. You can use these APIs to create, update, and delete these resources directly on the firewall or from Panorama.
  1. When you make your API calls, as an alternative to providing the URL encoded API key in the request URL, you can now use the new custom X-PAN-KEY: <key> parameter to add the key as a name value pair in the HTTP header.
    or if using Curl,
    curl -H "X-PAN-KEY: LUFRPT02T25Yc0hKUs2Z1FtZWFyWXJOSTdk1234565clhaUFptUT0=" -k 'https://firewall_IP/api/?type=status'
  2. Use the REST API in-product help at https://firewall_IP/restapi-doc.

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