End-of-Life (EoL)

Rule Changes Archive

View the audit comment history, config logs, and rule configuration changes from the Audit Comment Archive.
As your rulebase evolves, change and audit information is lost over time unless it is archived at the time the rule is created or modified. The Rule Changes Archive allows you to view policy rule usage, which contains the audit comment history, configuration log history and enables you to compare rule configuration versions for a selected policy rule. Additionally, the Rule Changes Archive is complimented by Enforcement of Rule Description, Tag, and Audit Comment entered when creating or modifying a policy rule.
  1. Select
    , and then select the policy rule to view the
    Audit Comment Archive
  2. View the audit history of the selected rule.
    1. View the
      Audit Comments
      to learn which administrator changed the policy rule, when the audit comment was committed, the reason for the change (the audit comment description), and the configuration version of the policy rule.
    2. View the
      Config Logs (between commits)
      to display the configuration logs generated by firewalls when the rules are created or modified.
    3. View the
      Rule Changes
      and select the rule configuration versions you want to compare. For example, compare two rules to determine when and which administrator modified a security policy rule that allowed previously denied network traffic and when the administrator made the change.

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