End-of-Life (EoL)

Granular Configuration Management of Device Groups and Templates

Device group and template administrators can revert and load configurations, and add new devices, to device groups and templates configured in their assigned access domain.
To provide more granular control when managing device group and template configurations, PAN-OS 9.0 adds support for Granular Configuration Management of Device Groups and Templates, which allows administrators granular control when saving and exporting, reverting, or loading configurations. Administrators can now select specific device groups, templates, or template stacks in their assigned access domain, which allows them to revert, save, load, and export only partial configuration without affecting any other device group or template on the Panorama management server.
In this procedure, you revert the configuration of device groups and templates assigned to the administrator access domain to the last saved Panorama configuration.
  1. Select
    Revert to last saved Panorama configuration
  2. Select Device Group & Templates
    when prompted.
  3. Select the device groups and templates to revert and click
  4. After the revert operation completes, click
  5. Select
    Commit and Push
    Commit and Push
    the reverted configuration to your managed devices.

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