End-of-Life (EoL)

WildFire Features

Describes all the exciting new capabilities for WildFire® in PAN-OS® 9.0.
New WildFire Feature
Forwarding Support for Script Files
You can now configure the Palo Alto Networks firewall to automatically forward scripts (JScript, VBScript, and PowerShell Script) for WildFire analysis.
WildFire Appliance Monitoring Enhancements
The WildFire appliance now features new CLI commands and logs additional system events for you to better monitor and manage your appliance performance and resources, as well as providing additional assistance when troubleshooting various issues.
Increased WildFire File Forwarding Capacity
The quantity and maximum size of files that a firewall can forward to WildFire is increased to provide greater visibility and detection of uncommonly large malicious samples.
WildFire Appliance Archive Support
The WildFire appliance can now analyze and classify RAR and 7-Zip archives, which can be used by an adversary to covertly deliver malicious payloads to users. When the WildFire appliance determines that the file contents of an archive are malicious, it generates a signature for the entire archive. The appliance then provides the signature to all connected firewalls to prevent future attacks.

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