Using the GlobalProtect App

The tabs in the GlobalProtect Settings panel, which opens when you launch the GlobalProtect app and select Settings from the Settings menu on the GlobalProtect status panel, contain useful information about status and settings and provide information to assist in troubleshooting connection issues.
  • General tab—Displays the username and portal(s) associated with the GlobalProtect account. You can also add, delete, or modify portals from this tab.
  • Connection tab—Displays the gateway(s) configured for the GlobalProtect app, and provides the following information about each gateway:
    • Gateway name
    • Tunnel status
    • Authentication status
    • Connection type
    • Gateway IP address or FQDN (only available in external mode)
    For internal mode, the Connection tab displays the entire list of available gateways. For external mode, the Connection tab displays the gateway to which you are connected and additional details about the gateway (such as gateway IP address and uptime).
  • Host Profile tab—Displays the endpoint data that GlobalProtect uses to monitor and enforce security policies through the Host Information Profile (HIP). Click Resubmit Host Profile to manually resubmit HIP data to the gateway.
  • Troubleshooting tab—On macOS endpoints, this tab allows you to Collect Logs and set the Logging Level. On Windows endpoints, this tab allows you to Collect Logs, set the Logging Level, and view the following information to assist in troubleshooting:
    • Network Configurations—Displays the current system configuration.
    • Routing Table—Displays information on how the GlobalProtect connection is currently routed.
    • Sockets—Displays socket information for the current active connections.
    • Logs—Allows the user to display logs for the GlobalProtect app and service. Choose the log type and debugging level. Click Start to begin logging and Stop to terminate logging.
  • Notification tab—Displays the list of notifications triggered on the GlobalProtect app. To view more details about a specific notification, double-click the notification.

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