Client IP Pool Tab

  • NetworkGlobalProtectGateways<gateway-config>Agent<agent-config>Client IP Pool
Select the Client IP Pool tab to configure the global IP pool that is used to assign IPv4 or IPv6 addresses to all endpoints that connect to the GlobalProtect™ gateway.
GlobalProtect Gateway Client IP Pool Configuration Settings
IP Pool
Add a range of IPv4 or IPv6 addresses to assign to remote users. After establishing the tunnel, the GlobalProtect gateway allocates IP addresses in this range to all endpoints that connect through that tunnel.
If you configure IP pools at the gateway level (NetworkGlobalProtectGateways<gateway-config>GlobalProtect Gateway ConfigurationAgentClient IP Pool), do not configure any IP pools at the client level (NetworkGlobalProtectGateways<gateway-config>GlobalProtect Gateway ConfigurationAgentClient Settings<client-setting>ConfigsIP Pools).

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