HIP Objects Disk Encryption Tab

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Select the Disk Encryption tab to enable HIP matching based on the disk encryption status of the GlobalProtect endpoints.
HIP Object Disk Encryption Settings
Disk Encryption
Select Disk Encryption to enable matching on the disk encryption status on the host.
Specify the following settings:
  • Is Installed—Match on whether disk encryption software is installed on the host.
  • Encrypted Locations—Click Add to specify the drive or path to check for disk encryption when determining a match:
  • Encrypted Locations—Enter specific locations to check for encryption on the host.
  • State—Specify how to match the state of the encrypted location by choosing an operator from the drop-down and then selecting a possible state (full, none, partial, not-available).
Click OK to save the settings.
Define specific disk encryption software vendors and products to match on the endpoint. Click Add and then choose a Vendor from the drop-down. Optionally, click Add to choose a specific Product. Click OK to save the settings and return to the Disk Encryption tab.

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