End-of-Life (EoL)

App Scope Overview

The App Scope reports provide graphical visibility into the following aspects of your network:
  • Changes in application usage and user activity
  • Users and applications that take up most of the network bandwidth
  • Network threats
With the App Scope reports, you can quickly see if any behavior is unusual or unexpected, and helps pinpoint problematic behavior; each report provides a dynamic, user-customizable window into the network. The reports include options to select the data and ranges to display. On Panorama, you can also select the
Data Source
for the information that is displayed. The default data source (on new Panorama installations) uses the local database on Panorama, which stores logs forwarded by the managed firewalls; on an upgrade, the default data source is the
Remote Device Data
(managed firewall data). To fetch and display an aggregated view of the data directly from the managed firewalls, you now have to switch the source from
Remote Device Data
Hovering the mouse over and clicking either the lines or bars on the charts switches to the ACC and provides detailed information about the specific application, application category, user, or source.
Application Command Center Charts
Change Monitor
Threat Monitor
Threat Map
Network Monitor
Traffic Map

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