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PDF summary reports contain information compiled from existing reports, based on data for the top 5 in each category (instead of top 50). They also contain trend charts that are not available in other reports.
PDF Summary Report
To create PDF summary reports, click
. The
PDF Summary Report
page opens to show all of the available report elements.
Managing PDF Reports
Use one or more of these options to design the report:
  • To remove an element from the report, click delete ( [X] ) or clear the item from the appropriate drop-down.
  • Select additional elements by selecting them in the appropriate drop-down.
  • Drag and drop an element to move it to another area of the report.
    There is a maximum of 18 report elements allowed. If you have 18 already, you must delete existing elements before you can add new ones.
the report, enter a report name, and click
To display PDF reports, select
, click
PDF Summary Report
to select a report, and click a day in the calendar to download a report for that day.
New PDF summary reports will not appear until after the report runs, which will occur automatically every 24 hours at 2 a.m.

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