Common Building Blocks for PA-7000 Series Firewall Interfaces

The following table describes the components of the NetworkInterfacesEthernet page that are unique or different when you configure interfaces on a PA-7000 Series firewall, or when you use Panorama to configure interfaces on any firewall. Click Add Interface to create a new interface or select an existing interface (ethernet1/1, for example) to edit it.
On PA-7000 Series firewalls, you must configure a Log Card Interface on one data port.
PA-7000 Series Firewall Interface Building Blocks
Select the slot number (1-12) of the interface. Only PA-7000 Series firewalls have multiple slots. If you use Panorama to configure an interface for any other firewall model, select Slot 1.
Interface (Interface Name)
Select the name of an interface that is associated with the selected Slot.

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