Tap Interface

  • Network > Interfaces > Ethernet
You can use a tap interface to monitor traffic on a port.
To configure a tap interface, click the name of an Interface (ethernet1/1, for example) that is not configured and specify the following information.
Tap Interface Settings
Configured In
Interface Name
Ethernet Interface
The interface name is predefined and you cannot change it.
Enter an optional description for the interface.
Interface Type
Select Tap.
Netflow Profile
If you want to export unidirectional IP traffic that traverses an ingress interface to a NetFlow server, select the server profile or click Netflow Profile to define a new profile (see Device > Server Profiles > NetFlow). Select None to remove the current NetFlow server assignment from the interface.
Virtual System
Ethernet InterfaceConfig
If the firewall supports multiple virtual systems and that capability is enabled, select a virtual system for the interface or click Virtual System to define a new vsys.
Security Zone
Select a security zone for the interface or click Zone to define a new zone. Select None to remove the current zone assignment from the interface.
Link Speed
Ethernet InterfaceAdvanced
Select the interface speed in Mbps (10, 100, or 1000), or select auto to have the firewall automatically determine the speed.
Link Duplex
Select whether the interface transmission mode is full-duplex (full), half-duplex (half), or negotiated automatically (auto).
Link State
Select whether the interface status is enabled (up), disabled (down), or determined automatically (auto).

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