BFD Summary Information Tab

BFD summary information includes the following data.
BFD Summary Information Runtime Stats
Interface that is running BFD.
Static route (IP address family of static route) or dynamic routing protocol that is running BFD on the interface.
Local IP Address
IP address of the interface where you configured BFD.
Neighbor IP Address
IP address of BFD neighbor.
BFD states of the local and remote BFD peers: admin down, down, init, or up.
Length of time BFD has been up (hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds).
Discriminator (local)
Discriminator for local BFD peer. A discriminator is a unique, nonzero value the peers use to distinguish multiple BFD sessions between them.
Discriminator (remote)
Discriminator for remote BFD peer.
Number of BFD errors.
Session Details
Click Details to see BFD information for a session such as the IP addresses of the local and remote neighbors, the last received remote diagnostic code, number of transmitted and received control packets, number of errors, information about the last packet causing state change, and more.

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