End-of-Life (EoL)

Regular Expression Data Pattern Examples

The following are examples of valid custom patterns:
  • .*((Confidential)|(CONFIDENTIAL))
    • Looks for the word “Confidential” or “CONFIDENTIAL” anywhere
    • “.*” at the beginning specifies to look anywhere in the stream
    • Depending on the case-sensitivity requirements of the decoder, this may not match “confidential” (all lower case)
  • .*((Proprietary &amp Confidential)|(Proprietary and Confidential))
    • Looks for either “Proprietary & Confidential” or “Proprietary and Confidential”
    • More precise than looking for “Confidential”
  • .*(Press Release).*((Draft)|(DRAFT)|(draft))
    • Looks for “Press Release” followed by various forms of the word draft, which may indicate that the press release isn't ready to be sent outside the company
  • .*(Trinidad)
    • Looks for a project code name, such as “Trinidad”

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