Manage Firewall Licenses

  • Panorama > Device Deployment > Licenses
Select PanoramaDevice DeploymentLicenses to perform the following tasks:
  • Update licenses of firewalls that don’t have direct internet access—Click Refresh.
  • Activate a license on firewalls—To activate a license on firewalls, click Activate, select the firewalls and, in the Auth Code column, enter the authorization codes that Palo Alto Networks provided for the firewalls.
  • Deactivate all the licenses and subscriptions/entitlements installed on VM-Series firewalls—Click Deactivate VMs, select the firewalls (the list displays only firewalls running PAN-OS 7.0 or later releases), and click:
    • Continue—Deactivates the licenses and automatically registers the changes with the licensing server. The licenses are credited back to your account and are available for reuse.
    • Complete Manually—Generates a token file. Use this if Panorama does not have direct Internet access. To complete the deactivation process, you must log in to the Support portal, select Assets, click Deactivate License(s), upload the token file, and click Submit. After you complete the deactivation process.
You can also view the current license status for managed firewalls. For firewalls that have direct internet access, Panorama automatically performs a daily check-in with the licensing server, retrieves license updates and renewals, and pushes them to the firewalls. The check-in is hard-coded to occur between 1 and 2 A.M.; you cannot change this schedule.
Firewall License Information
The firewall name.
Virtual System
Indicates whether the firewall does icon_license_checkbox.png or does not icon_license_x.png support multiple virtual systems.
Threat Prevention
Indicates whether the license is active icon_license_checkbox.png , inactive icon_license_x.png , or expired icon_license_expired.png (along with the expiration date).
GlobalProtect Gateway
GlobalProtect Portal
VM-Series Capacity
Indicates whether this is icon_license_checkbox.png or is not icon_license_x.png a VM-Series firewall.

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