Manage Firewall Licenses

  • Panorama > Device Deployment > Licenses
Device Deployment
to perform the following tasks:
  • Update licenses of firewalls that don’t have direct internet access—Click Refresh.
  • Activate a license on firewalls—To activate a license on firewalls, click
    , select the firewalls and, in the Auth Code column, enter the authorization codes that Palo Alto Networks provided for the firewalls.
  • Deactivate all the licenses and subscriptions/entitlements installed on VM-Series firewalls—Click
    Deactivate VMs
    , select the firewalls (the list displays only firewalls running PAN-OS 7.0 or later releases), and click:
    • Continue
      —Deactivates the licenses and automatically registers the changes with the licensing server. The licenses are credited back to your account and are available for reuse.
    • Complete Manually
      —Generates a token file. Use this if Panorama does not have direct Internet access. To complete the deactivation process, you must log in to the Support portal, select
      , click
      Deactivate License(s)
      , upload the token file, and click
      . After you complete the deactivation process.
You can also view the current license status for managed firewalls. For firewalls that have direct internet access, Panorama automatically performs a daily check-in with the licensing server, retrieves license updates and renewals, and pushes them to the firewalls. The check-in is hard-coded to occur between 1 and 2 A.M.; you cannot change this schedule.
Firewall License Information
The firewall name.
Virtual System
Indicates whether the firewall does icon_license_checkbox.png or does not icon_license_x.png support multiple virtual systems.
Threat Prevention
Indicates whether the license is active icon_license_checkbox.png , inactive icon_license_x.png , or expired icon_license_expired.png (along with the expiration date).
GlobalProtect Gateway
GlobalProtect Portal
VM-Series Capacity
Indicates whether this is icon_license_checkbox.png or is not icon_license_x.png a VM-Series firewall.

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