Managed Firewall Administration

You can perform the following administrative tasks on firewalls.
Add firewalls and enter their serial numbers (one per row) to add them as managed devices. The Managed Devices window will then display Managed Firewall Information, including connection status, installed updates, and properties that were set during initial configuration.
Check the Associate Devices box to associate the firewalls with a device group or template stack.
Import multiple firewalls in CSV format to be managed by the Panorama management server. A sample CSV file is available for download.
Next, enter the IP address of the Panorama management server on each firewall (see Device > Setup > Management) so that Panorama can manage the firewalls.
The firewall registers with Panorama over an SSL connection with AES-256 encryption. Panorama and the firewall authenticate each other using 2,048-bit certificates and use the SSL connection for configuration management and log collection.
Reassign one or more selected firewalls to a different device group or template stack.
Select one or more firewalls and Delete them from the list of firewalls that Panorama manages.
Select one or more firewalls, click Tag, and enter a text string of up to 31 characters or select an existing tag. Do not use an empty space. Wherever the web interface displays a long list of firewalls (for example, in the dialog for installing software), tags provide one means to filter the list. For example, you can use a tag called branch office to filter for all branch office firewalls across your network.
Group HA Peers
Select Group HA Peers if you want the Managed Devices page to group firewalls that are peers in a high availability (HA) configuration. You then can only select to perform actions on both peers or neither peer in each HA pair.
Manage (Backups)
Administrative roles with a minimum of read-only access can export the managed firewall table as PDF/CSV. You can apply filters to create more specific table configuration outputs for things such as audits. Only visible columns in the web interface will be exported. See Configuration Table Export.
Deploy Master Key
Deploy a new master key or update an existing master key of one or more devices.

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