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Description of the Health page under Managed Devices in Panorama. Describes the page elements for All Devices and Deviating Devices.
Panorama™ allows you to monitor the hardware resources and performance for managed firewalls. Panorama centralizes time-trended performance information (CPU, memory, CPS, and throughput), logging performance, environmental information (such as fans, RAID status, and power supplies) and correlates events—such as commits, content installs, and software upgrades—to health data. When a firewall deviates from its calculated baseline, Panorama reports it as a Deviating Device to help identify, diagnose, and resolve any hardware issues quickly.
You can use this page to:
View Detailed Device Health.
View the health metrics of the devices managed by the Panorama.
Group HA Peers
View which firewalls are grouped together to help identify potential issues and determine if and which firewalls are impacted by any hardware resources or performance issues.
Administrative roles with a minimum of read-only access can export the managed firewall table in PDF/CSV format. You can apply filters to create more specific table-configuration outputs when needed, such as for audits. Only the visible columns in the web interface are exported. See Export Configuration Table Data.

Panorama > Managed Devices > Health > All Devices

Description of the All Devices tab.
Use this page to view the following information for each firewall.
Health Information
Device Name
Hostname or serial number of the firewall.
For the VM-Series NSX edition firewall, the firewall name appends the hostname of the ESXi host. For example, PA-VM: Host-NY5105
Model of the firewall.
Throughput (Kbps)
The data throughput over time (five-minute average) measured in kilobytes per second.
Total connections per second for the firewall over time (five-minute average).
Counts (Sessions)
Total session count over time (five-minute average).
Data Plane
CPU (%)
Total CPU utilization on the data plane.
Management Plane
CPU (%)
Total CPU utilization on the management plane.
MEM (%)
Total memory utilization on the management plane.
Logging Rate (logs per second)
Rate at which the firewalls are forwarding logs to Panorama or a Log Collector (one-minute average).
Displays the presence, current status, RPM, and last failure of the fans in each fan tray. Fan status is displayed as A/B, where A is the number of good, running fans and B is the total number of fans on the firewall. Virtual firewalls display N/A.
Power Supplies
Displays the presence, current status, and last failure timestamps. Power supply status is displayed as A/B, where A is the number of good, running power supplies and B is the total number of power supplies on the device. Virtual firewalls display N/A.
Total number of ports in use on the firewall. Ports are displayed as A/B, where A is the number of good, running ports and B is the total number of ports on the device.

Panorama > Managed Devices > Health > Deviating Devices

Description of the Deviating Devices tab.
The Deviating Devices tab displays devices that have any metrics that are deviating from their calculated baseline and displays those deviating metrics in red. A metric health baseline is determined by averaging the health performance for a given metric over seven days plus the standard deviation.
Example of a Deviated Metric

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