Decryption Service/URL Category Tab

Select the Service/URL Category tab to apply the decryption policy to traffic based on TCP port number or to any URL category (or a list of categories).
Apply the decryption policy to traffic based on specific TCP port numbers. Choose one of the following from the drop-down:
  • any—The selected applications are allowed or denied on any protocol or port.
  • application-default—The selected applications are decrypted (or are exempt from decryption) only on the default ports defined for the applications by Palo Alto Networks.
  • Select—Click Add. Choose an existing service or specify a new Service or Service Group. (Or select Objects > Services and Objects > Service Groups).
URL Category Tab
Select URL categories for the decryption rule.
  • Choose any to match any sessions regardless of the URL category.
  • To specify a category, click Add and select a specific category (including a custom category) from the drop-down. You can add multiple categories. Refer to for information on defining custom categories.

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