Policy Based Forwarding Destination/Application/Service Tab

Select the Destination/Application/Service tab to define the destination settings that will be applied to traffic that matches the forwarding rule.
Destination Address
Click Add to add destination addresses or address groups (default is any). By default, the rule applies to Any IP address. Select from the drop-down, or click Address or Address Group at the bottom of the drop-down, and specify the settings.
Select specific applications or services for the PBF rule. To define new applications, refer to Defining Applications. To define application groups, refer to Objects > Application Groups.
Application-specific rules are not recommended for use with PBF. Whenever possible, use a service object, which is the Layer 4 port (TCP or UDP) used by the protocol or application.
If you are using application groups, filters, or container in the PBF rule, you can view details on these objects by holding your mouse over the object in the Application column, clicking the down arrow and selecting Value. This enables you to easily view application members directly from the policy without having to go to the Object tabs.

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