About URL Filtering

URL filtering is a technology that allows you to control your users’ web access and restrict their access to sites known to host malware or other threats.
Palo Alto Networks URL Filtering protects against web-based threats by giving you a way to safely enable web access while controlling how your users interact with online content.
With URL Filtering enabled, all web traffic (HTTP and HTTPS) on any port is compared against the URL filtering database, which contains a listing of millions of websites that have been categorized. You can use these URL categories as a match criteria to enforce security policy. You can also use URL filtering to enforce safe search settings for your users and to prevent credential phishing based on URL category.
Although the Palo Alto Networks URL filtering solution, PAN-DB, allows you to choose between the PAN-DB Public Cloud and the PAN-DB Private Cloud. Use the public cloud solution if the Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls on your network can directly access the internet. If the network security requirements in your enterprise prohibit the firewalls from directly accessing the internet, you can deploy a PAN-DB private cloud on one or more M-600 appliances that function as PAN-DB servers within your network.

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