Load a Partial Configuration

Use the
load config partial
command to copy a section of a configuration file in XML. The configuration can be:
  • A saved configuration file from a Palo Alto Networks firewall or from Panorama
  • A local configuration (for example, running-confg.xml or candidate-config.xml)
  • An imported configuration file from a firewall or Panorama
To load a partial configuration, you must identify the configuration file you want to copy from and, if it is not local, import it onto the device (see Use Secure Copy to Import and Export Files for an example of how to import a saved configuration).
If you are managing more than two or three firewalls, consider using Panorama for central management and monitoring of your firewalls.
To specify what part of the configuration to load, you must find the xpath location, which specifies the XML node in the configuration file you are loading from and the node in the local candidate configuration you are loading to.
The format of the command is:
load config partial mode [append|merge|replace] from-xpath
Use the information in the following topics to determine the appropriate Xpath location formats and use them to load a configuration object from one configuration to another:

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