Load Configuration Settings from a Text File

In scripting mode, you can copy and paste commands from a text file directly into the CLI. This is a quick and easy way to copy several configuration settings from one Palo Alto Networks device to another.
  1. On the device from which you want to copy configuration commands, set the CLI output mode to set:
    set cli config-output-format set
  2. Show the part of the configuration you want to copy. For example, to copy the SNMP configuration you would enter the following command:
    show deviceconfig system snmp-setting
    set deviceconfig system snmp-setting snmp-system location Headquarters set deviceconfig system snmp-setting snmp-system contact snmp-admin@acme.com set deviceconfig system snmp-setting access-setting version v2c snmp-community-string public
    When pasting commands into the command line, make sure you are entering them in the proper order to avoid errors. Sometimes commands shown in the CLI are not the order in which they must be configured on the device (for example, if you are pasting a configuration from a firewall into Panorama). If you see errors, check whether the command that generated the error is dependent on a later command. In these cases, you can usually just reenter the command. Also make sure you are pasting sections of a configuration in a logical order. For example, you should not copy security policy rules if you have not yet configured the objects the rules rely on, such as zones, security profiles, or address groups.
  3. Copy the commands to a text editor such as Notepad and edit the settings as desired.
  4. On the second device, paste the commands into the command line.
    There is a limit to the amount of text that can be copied into the SSH buffer (approximately 20 lines). If you cut-and-paste a large block of text into the CLI, examine the output of the lines you pasted. If you see lines that are truncated or generate errors, you may have to re-paste a smaller section of text, or switch to scripting mode using the
    set cli scripting-mode on
    operational mode command, which increases the buffer significantly.

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