Create an SD-WAN Policy Pre Rule (REST API)

An SD-WAN policy rule specifies when and how a firewall performs application-based SD-WAN path selection. You can configure an SD-WAN policy pre rule or post rule on Panorama™ and push the rule to the firewalls in your device group.
The examples in this section show how to use the REST API to create an SD-WAN policy pre rule on Panorama. An SD-WAN policy rule includes both a path quality profile and a traffic distribution profile. The policy rule uses these two profiles to identify network quality requirements and to determine path selection when the network doesn’t meet those quality requirements.
  1. Create a path quality profile.
    A path quality profile identifies network quality or health requirements based on packet loss percentage, jitter, and latency. Once included in an SD-WAN policy rule, the path quality profile will control the threshold at which the firewall replaces a deteriorating path with a new path for matching application packets. A number of predefined path quality profiles exist, but you can create your own if none of the existing profiles meets your needs. The following POST request creates a path quality profile called
    curl -X POST 'https://<Panorama>/restapi/v9.1/objects/sdwanpathqualityprofiles?location=device-group&device-group=SD-WAN_Branch&name=general-business2' -H 'X-PAN-KEY: <api key> -d '{ "entry": { "@name": "general-business2", "metric": { "jitter": { "sensitivity": "medium", "threshold": 20 }, "latency": { "sensitivity": "medium", "threshold": 300 }, "pkt-loss": { "sensitivity": "medium", "threshold": 5 } } } }'
  2. Create a traffic distribution profile.
    Create a traffic distribution profile, which specifies how a firewall determines a new best path if the current preferred path exceeds a path quality threshold. A traffic distribution profile specifies one of three possible distribution methods: Best Available Path, Top-Down Priority, and Weighted Session Distribution. The profile also includes one or more link tags, which the distribution method uses to narrow its selection of a new path.
    The POST request below creates a traffic distribution profile that uses top-down priority and includes two link tags:
    . See Create a Tag (REST API) for an example of a REST API request to create a link tag.
    curl -X POST 'https://<Panorama>/restapi/v9.1/objects/sdwantrafficdistributionprofiles?location=device-group&device-group=SD-WAN_Branch&name=BroadBand2' -H 'X-PAN-KEY: <api key> -d '{"entry": {"@name": "BroadBand2","traffic-distribution": "Top Down Priority","link-tags": {"entry": [ {"@name": "Broadband-ISP" }, {"@name": "LTE-ISP", } ] } } }'
  3. Create an SD-WAN policy pre rule.
    An SD-WAN policy pre rule specifies application(s) and/or service(s) and a traffic distribution profile to determine how a firewall selects the preferred path for an incoming packet that doesn’t belong to an existing session and that matches all other criteria. Examples of the criteria are source and destination zones, source and destination IP addresses, and source user. The SD-WAN policy pre rule also specifies a path quality profile of thresholds for packet loss, jitter, and latency. When one of the thresholds is exceeded, the firewall selects a new path for the application(s) and/or service(s).
    The POST request below creates an SD-WAN policy pre rule that Panorama will push to a device group called
    . The request body parameters include both a path quality profile and a traffic distribution profile. The parameters also include
    as the source zones and
    as the destination zone. See Configure a Security Zone (REST API) for an example of a REST API request to create a zone.
    curl -X POST 'https://<Panorama>/restapi/v9.1/policies/sdwanprerules?location=device-group&device-group=SD-WAN_Branch&name=HQ_Service_Test' -H 'X-PAN-KEY: <api key>' -d '{"entry": {"@name": "HQ_Service_Test","from": {"member": ["Trust-PA220” ] },"to": {"member": ["Untrust-PA220" ] },"source": {"member": ["any” ] },"source-user": {"member": ["any" ] },"destination": {"member": ["any" ] },"application": {"member": ["ping" ] },"service": {"member": ["any" ] },"negate-source": "no","negate-destination": "no","disabled": "no","description": "For SD-WAN test","path-quality-profile": "general-business","action": {"traffic-distribution-profile": "BroadBand2" } } }'

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