Delete Configuration

to delete an object at a specified location in the configuration. Use the
parameter to specify the location of the object to be deleted.
  • Delete a rule named rule1 in the security policy:
    curl -X GET "https://<firewall>/api/?key=apikey&type=config&action=delete&xpath=/config/devices/entry/vsys/entry/rulebase/security/rules/entry[@name='rule1']"
  • Delete a single member object in a group, use the object name in the xpath as
    . For example, to delete a static address object named abc in an address group named test, use the following xpath:
    curl -X GET "https://<firewall>/api/?key=apikey&type=config&action=delete&xpath=/config/devices/entry/vsys/entry[@name='vsys1']/address-group/entry[@name='test']/static/member[text()='abc']"

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