Export Files (API)

You can export certain types of files from the firewall using the
parameter in the API request.
Use the category parameter to specify the type of file that you want to export.
  • Configuration—
  • Certificates/Keys—
  • Response pages—
    category= application-block-page | captive-portal-text | file-block-continue-page | file-block-page | global-protect-portal-custom-help-page | global-protect-portal-custom-login-page | global-protect-portal-custom-welcome-page | ssl-cert-status-page | ssl-optout-text | url-block-page | url-coach-text | virus-block-page>
  • Technical support data—
  • Device State—
Use cURL tools to export the file from the firewall and save locally with a local file name:
curl -o <filename> "https://<firewall>/api/?<query-parameters>"
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When using the API query from a web browser, you can specify
as an optional parameter if you would like to provide a different name when saving the file locally.

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