Configuration Table Export

Description of how to export your policy rule base, objects, managed devices, and interfaces in PDF or CSV format from the web interface.
Administrative users can export the data on policy rulebase, objects, managed devices, and interfaces in tabular format in either a PDF file or a CSV file. The data that is exported is the visible data on the web interface. For filtered data, only data matching the filter is exported. If you don’t apply any filter, then all data is exported.
All sensitive data, such as a password, is hidden with wildcard (*) symbols.
A system log and download link are generated on successful configuration table export. Use the download link to save the PDF or CSV file locally. After you close the window that contains the download link, the download link for that specific export is no longer available.
To export table data, click
and configure the following settings:
Export Settings
File Name
Enter a name (maximum of 200 characters) to identify the exported data. This name becomes the name of the downloaded file that is generated by the export.
File Type
Select the type of export output to generate. You can choose either PDF or CSV format.
Page Size
The default page size is Letter (8.5 by 11.0 inches). You cannot change the page size. By default, the PDF is generated in portrait orientation and changes to landscape orientation to accommodate the maximum number of columns.
(PDF only)
Enter a description (maximum of 255 characters) to provide context and additional information about the export.
Table Data
Shows the table data that will be exported. If you need to clear the filtering settings that you set previously, click
Show All Columns
to show all policy rules under the selected policy type. Then you can add or remove columns and apply filters as needed.
Show All Columns
Remove all filters and show all table columns.
to generate the configuration table download link.

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