Metrics Usage

Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls collect telemetry data that is put to different uses.
It is impossible to predict all the different ways a given metric will be used to solve future problems, but every metric that device telemetrics collects was selected for use in one or two specific use cases. In the interest of transparency, each reference page identifies the main reason or reasons why Palo Alto Networks decided to collect a given metric.
The primary reasons why Palo Alto Networks initially decided to collect a metric are:
Use Case
Application logic
The metric is useful from the perspective of applications that are helping users manage their devices. Many of these metrics were identified by evaluating what the Best Practice Assessment (BPA) tool needs in order to offer its advice. Other metrics were selected because Palo Alto Networks expects them to be useful for future apps that have not yet made it to market.
Product enhancements
The metric contains information that helps Palo Alto Networks understand how customers are using the device. This usage information helps the company understand where it might need to focus product development. It might also help to identify where customer outreach and education needs reinforcement.
The metric contains information that is useful to Palo Alto Networks Technical Support when they are troubleshooting customer issues. By having access to historical data on the hardware's and software's behavior, they can more easily spot the source of issues. This translates into faster response times for customer support tickets.
Threat research
Many of the metrics that device telemetrics collects are legacy metrics. That is, the telemetry feature that existed prior to PAN-OS 10.0 was already collecting this information. The primary usage for this information was and is to help Palo Alto Networks threat researchers identify new network threats so that production firewalls can be rapidly configured (using content updates and other dynamic information changes) to respond to new threats.

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