Total Configuration Size for Panorama

Total configuration file size for the M-Series and Panorama™ virtual appliances.
The total configuration file size of Panorama™ M-Series and virtual appliances is an important piece of the performance metric when determining which M-Series appliance or the minimum amount of virtual resources you need to allocate on your Panorama virtual appliance to ensure that you meet your Security requirements. Exceeding the supported total configuration file size of the Panorama management server results in reduced performance when performing configuration changes, commits, and pushes to managed firewalls.
The Panorama management server in Panorama mode supports a total configuration file size of 80MB for all template, device group, and Panorama-specific configurations. Panorama in Management Only mode supports up to 120MB or 150MB total configuration file size depending on the Panorama model or resources you allocate to the Panorama virtual appliance. Refer to the table below for the recommended maximum configuration file size based on the Panorama M-Series appliance model or on the resources you allocate to the Panorama virtual appliance.
Panorama Model
Virtual Resources Required
Maximum Recommended Panorama Configuration File Size
Panorama Virtual Appliance
Refer to the Setup Prerequisites for the Panorama Virtual Appliance for additional setup information.
  • 16 vCPU
  • 128GB memory
  • 56 vCPU
  • 256GB memory

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