Install Panorama for Increased Device Management Capacity

Install a the M-600 appliance, or Panorama™ virtual appliance, and activate the device management license.
Activate the device management license to manage more than 1,000 firewalls from a single M-600 Panorama™ management server or a single Panorama virtual appliance.
  1. Contact your Palo Alto Networks sales representative to obtain the Panorama device management license that enables you to manage up to 5,000 firewalls.
    • If you are deploying an M-600 appliance, obtain the
      device management license.
    • If you are deploying a Panorama virtual appliance, obtain the
      device management license.
  2. Set up the Panorama management server.
  3. Change the Panorama management server to Management Only mode if Panorama is not already in this mode.
  4. Select
    and verify that the device management license is successfully activated.
    If you are activating a new device management license on a Panorama, you can manage up to 5,000 firewalls with an M-600 appliance, or up to 2,500 firewalls with a Panorama virtual appliance, but the Description still displays
    Device management license to manage up to 1000 devices or more

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