End-of-Life (EoL)
To compare configuration changes on Panorama, you can select any two sets of configuration files: the candidate configuration, the running configuration, or any other configuration version that has been previously saved or committed on Panorama. The side-by-side comparison enables you to:
Preview the configuration changes before committing them to Panorama. You can, for example, preview the changes between the candidate configuration and the running configuration. As a best practice, select the older version on the left pane and the newer version on the right pane, to easily compare and identify modifications. Perform a configuration audit to review and compare the changes between two sets of configuration files.
Compare Changes in Panorama Configurations
Compare changes in Panorama configurations. Select Panorama > Config Audit. For each drop-down, select a configuration for the comparison. Select the number of lines that you want to include for Context and click Go. Panorama uses color shading to highlight items you added (green), modified (yellow), or deleted (red).
Configure the number of versions Panorama stores for configuration audits. Select Panorama > Setup > Management and edit the Logging and Reporting Settings. Enter the Number of Versions for Config Audit (range is 1–1,048,576; default is 100). Click OK and Commit, for the Commit Type select Panorama, and click Commit again.
View and compare Panorama configuration files before committing. Click Commit. Preview Changes. Select the number of lines of context you want to see, and click OK.

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