End-of-Life (EoL)
You can preview, validate, and commit changes in the candidate configuration on Panorama or changes that Panorama pushes to managed firewalls and managed collectors. For details on the commit and validation processes, see Panorama Commit and Validation Operations.
Preview, Validate, or Commit Configuration Changes
Select the target systems for the preview, validation, or commit operation. As a best practice, commit changes to Panorama before committing changes to firewalls or Log Collectors. Click Commit at the top of the web interface. Select the Commit Type: Panorama —Commit your changes to the Panorama configuration. Template —Select the templates or template stacks from which Panorama will push device and network configurations to firewalls. Optionally, deselect firewalls that you want the commit to exclude. Device Group —Select the device groups from which Panorama will push policies and objects to firewalls. Optionally, deselect firewalls and virtual systems that you want the commit to exclude. Collector Group —Select the Collector Groups that contain the Log Collectors to which Panorama will push configurations. Configure the options, which vary by Commit Type. You can enter a Description for all types. A brief summary of what changed in the configuration is useful to other administrators who want to know without performing a configuration audit.
( Panorama commit only ) Optionally, preview the changes that the commit will activate before performing the commit. This can be useful if, for example, you don’t remember all the changes and you’re not sure you want to activate all of them. Panorama displays the changes in a new window that shows the running and candidate configurations side by side, using colors to highlight the differences line by line. Click Preview Changes. Select the Lines of Context, which is the number of lines from the compared configuration files to display before and after the highlighted differences. These lines help you correlate the preview output to settings in the web interface. Because the preview results display in a new window, your browser must allow pop-up windows. If the preview window does not open, refer to your browser documentation for the steps to unblock pop-up windows. Close the preview window when you finish reviewing the changes.
( Panorama, device group, or template commit only ) Optionally, validate the changes before committing to ensure the commit will succeed. Click Validate Changes. The results display all the errors and warnings that an actual commit would. Resolve any errors that the validation results identify.
Commit your configuration changes. Click Commit. Use the Panorama Task Manager to see details about commits that are pending (optionally, you can cancel these), in progress, completed, or failed.

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