End-of-Life (EoL)
Panorama saves a backup of its running configuration as well as the running configurations of all managed firewalls. The backups are in XML format with file names that are based on serial numbers (of Panorama or the firewalls). Use these instructions to schedule daily exports of the backups to a remote host. Panorama exports the backups as a single gzip file. You require superuser privileges to schedule the export.
If Panorama has a high availability (HA) configuration, you must perform these instructions on each peer to ensure the scheduled exports continue after a failover. Panorama does not synchronize scheduled configuration exports between HA peers. To export the backups on demand, select Panorama > Setup > Operations and select Export Panorama and devices config bundle (for details, see Back Up Panorama and Firewall Configurations).
Schedule the Export of Configuration Files
Select Panorama > Scheduled Config Export and click Add.
Enter a Name and Description for the scheduled file export and Enable it.
Using the 24-hour clock format, enter a daily Scheduled Export Start Time or select one from the drop-down.
Set the export Protocol to Secure Copy ( SCP) or File Transfer Protocol ( FTP).
Enter the details for accessing the server, including: Hostname or IP address, Port, Path for uploading the file, Username, and Password. The Path supports the following characters: . (period), + , { and } , / , - , _ , 0 - 9 , a - z , and A - Z . Spaces are not supported in the file Path. If you are exporting to a BSD server, you will need to modify the SSHD password prompt to <username>@<hostname> <password>: .
( SCP only ) Click Test SCP server connection. To enable the secure transfer of data, you must verify and accept the host key of the SCP server. Panorama doesn’t establish the connection until you accept the host key. If Panorama has an HA configuration, perform this step on each HA peer so that each one accepts the host key of the SCP server. If Panorama can successfully connect to the SCP server, it creates and uploads the test file named ssh-export-test.txt.
Click OK and Commit, for the Commit Type select Panorama, and click Commit again.

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